Documentation as Historical Witness:

From Landscapes of Violence to Landscapes of Memory

Savina Sirik cropped
Savina Sirik

On 27 April 2018 from 3pm to 5:30pm in Rendell Lecture Theatre 1, Savina Sirik gave a public lecture reflecting on her experiences documenting the Khmer Rouge history and working with atrocity survivors (both victims and perpetrators) in Cambodia. Savina discussed the role the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) has played in constructing narratives of the Khmer Rouge history and how such narratives contribute to the production of memory in post-genocide Cambodia.

KR Documents - Preserved by DC-Cam
Khmer Rouge documents collected by DC-Cam (source: DC-Cam)

Savina has conducted extensive fieldwork throughout Cambodia, working to document the experiences of survivors of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge period (1975-79). She has also served as Director of the Center’s planned Museum of Memory, and is the author of the monograph Everyday Experiences of Genocide Survivors in Landscapes of Violence in
Cambodia (DC-Cam, 2016). Savina holds M.A. degrees in Peace and Reconciliation Studies (Coventry, UK) and Geography (Kent State, USA) and is currently a doctoral candidate in Peace and Development at the University of Gothenburg School of Global Studies.

Savina Sirik, Liverpool University 27 April 2018